Bigger Isn’t Always Better

We live in a society where bigger is better, more is better. But is it?

When it comes to building an online business, is more and bigger always better?

More specifically, is it better to have more friends on Facebook? Is it better to have a bigger list?

I don’t think this is always the case, and I also believe that this is where a lot of network marketers go wrong.
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Book Review: “Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard”

Well, I just finished reading Switch by Dan and Chip Heath, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Switch is an incredibly easy read that makes a lot of really insightful points about why the changes people make in their lives, companies or society are successful – or why they fail.
Learn More About Switch, And Why I Loved Reading It

“Avatar” And The Law of Attraction

For many people, the movie “Avatar” has become an instant favorite – full of beautiful imagery and an engaging story. But what about some of the deeper, more subtle examples it provides?

One theme I noticed embedded in a specific scene illustrates how our focus can determine our results – both in real life and on Pandora.
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The Power of Positive Energy

An important part of becoming a Millionaire is recognizing the value of positive energy. Millionaires put positive energy out into the world, and welcome the same positive energy from others.

They do not, however, allow their positive energy to be tainted by the negativity of others.

They isolate themselves from it whenever possible.

This is mostly done by surrounding themselves with like minded, positive people. They avoid interaction with complainers, whiners and pretty much anyone with a “my life is so miserable,” mentality.

Energy is contagious, both positive and negative, and Millionaires naturally, and intelligently, remove themselves from situations where they will be surrounded by negativity in any form.

Incorporate this philosophy into your own life.
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Don’t Miss Your “Left Turn”

We all take them, probably almost every day of our lives…left turns that is. Do you ever find yourself saying “Oh shoot (let’s keep this PG), I should have gone,” realizing you had the opportunity to go, but hesitated just long enough to miss your chance?

That’s what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about opportunity. We are all presented with different opportunities throughout our lives on a regular basis. Some we don’t even recognize as opportunities and others we may not take advantage of because we might hesitate just long enough for the opportunity to pass.

We’ve all missed out on and will continue to miss out on opportunities in life. Some may be small while others could be life changing.

So, what do we do differently so that we don’t continue to miss out?
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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Beggars can’t be choosers generally means that people who are desperate or in great need must take the help that is offered to them, even if it doesn’t really solve their problem(s).

We are going to discuss this saying today and talk about how it relates to our mindset.

You see, one of the biggest mistakes that is often made in network marketing is people want to sponsor distributors so badly that they sponsor anyone.
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Building A Strong Goal

Recently, we discussed the four primary components of a goal in detail, so now let’s look at the importance they play in our future goal setting. The best way to do this is to build a goal, and investigate the negative effects of not including the various qualifiers we discussed last week. For our example, let’s start with:

“I’m going to visit the Grand Canyon.”

Great! We have an Action, a “what,” something we are going to do. That’s it though, that’s all we have. The reason goals are so useful is that they give people a reason to push themselves towards a particular accomplishment. The problem with a simple goal like this one is that it doesn’t have that “push.” There is nothing in this goal that drives a person towards achieving it.

When qualifiers are left out, they don’t go away, they just take on a state of being implied rather than defined. The goal, with its implied qualifiers actually reads:
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Jim Rohn – The Passing Of A Legend

Jim Rohn was one of the greatest business philosphers of our time. He was an inspiration to so many and touched thousands of people’s lives and we were very saddened to hear of his passing yesterday.

Chad and I looked up to him as one of our mentors and even though we never had the privilege of meeting him, he has forever influenced our life and will be greatly missed.

Jim Rohn had an amazing ability to simplify the things in life that many of us seem to complicate. Through his teachings, he helps us to understand how we can have everything we want in life.

The following videos are three of our all time favorites and we wanted to share them with you so we can remember and honor his life.
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The Anatomy Of A Goal

Yesterday, we discussed the critical difference between how Millionaires and most other people approach the goals that they set. Today, we will look more closely at goals themselves, and how to structure, set and monitor them for optimum success.

The key point to successful goal attainment is never giving up on a single goal you set.

As silly as it seems the old adage “if at first you don’t succeed…” really rings true for successful people. When you don’t experience success in reaching a goal, you must continue to strive for it until you do.

Many people feel that this is impossible, because many people don’t understand the anatomy of a goal. Goals have a few different parts, or at least they should, and if you don’t take those different parts into consideration, you will very often feel that you have “failed.”

Let me offer an example. Let’s use a goal that an online marketer might set:

“I’m going to make ten sales by April 30th.”

This may seem like a very simple goal, but it is absolutely crucial that the person setting this goal recognize the different components that make up the anatomy of his or her goal and appreciate the significance of each. Let’s break down this goal into its different components, and investigate how to treat each one.

The components we will be discussing are:
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Setting Goals Like A Millionaire

abiwordYesterday we discussed a few of the characteristics that make a person a Millionaire (and how it is those characteristics and not their net worth that make the difference). One of the most valuable pieces of the “Millionaire Puzzle” is how you handle your goals.

Think about the last time you set a goal for yourself. If you are having a hard time with this step, that may be one of your greatest obstacles.

Millionaires are goal setters.

They constantly evaluate where they are and where they are going. Notice I did not say where they want to be, but where they are going.

Let me ask you a question: the last goal you set for yourself, did you succeed or fail?
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