Weekly Inspirational Quotes April 7, 2014: Brian Tracy and Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our inspirational quotes this week include ones from Ralph Waldo Emerson and Brian Tracy.
I’m ready to be inspired…

Add Pin It Buttons To Your WordPress Blog

Pin It

There are a ton of different ways to add Pin It buttons to your blog’s images.

I took a look at a handful of plugins, made up a list of dealbreaking features and picked a winner.
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4 Minutes and 15 Seconds of Will Smith Being An Inspirational Badass

Will Smith Inspirational Video

Will Smith is a genius. Easily one of the most motivational people of our time.
Fresh Inspiration From The Fresh Prince…

Weekly Inspirational Quotes March 31, 2014: Confucius and Epictetus

Confucius Epictetus quotes

Inspirational quotes this week include ones from Confucius and Epictetus.
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Ice Cream And A Successful Business: Wait, What’s The Connection?


An online business is very different from an ice cream stand, but the two business models can definitely benefit from some of the same strategies.

There’s a local example of this near our home that just happens to be opening today.
Ice Cream Cone Secrets Revealed…

Build Your Business Like A Soccer Playing Chihuahua

Vega Soccer Ball

It’s amazing how many lessons we can learn from unexpected places…

Take Vega here, for example. She’s got some killer mindset tricks up her sleeve. If more people thought the way she did, there would be a lot more success stories out there.
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Weekly Inspirational Quotes March 24, 2014: Helen Keller, Paul Briganti and Patty Hansen

Helen Keller Paul Briganti Patty Hansen quotes

This week’s quotes are from Helen Keller, Paul Briganti, and Patty Hansen.
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Matt Cutts Peed In My Cheerios (and The Epiphany I Had as a Result)


It’s never good when you’re going along, doing your thing, and someone comes along and says, does or posts something that just sucks the cool right out of you.

We’ve all been there – and this time it was Google’s Matt Cutts who decided to rain on my parade. Or lick the sprinkles off my ice-cream cone. Or burst my bubble. You get it the idea.
Find Out How Matt Ruined My Day (or did he?)

Tony Robbins Shares The 3 Things You Must Do To Change Your Life Or Business

Tony Robbins 3 Things

Tony Robbins is one of the most powerful, motivational speakers of our time.

He prides himself on being the “Why Guy,” and always strives to undestand why successful people are able to get the results they desire.

Click through to learn his three critical steps to making a change for the better!
Missing any one of these three things could lead to disaster…

Weekly Inspirational Quotes March 17, 2014: Maya Angelou, Diego Marchi and Herbert Spencer

Maya Angelou Diego Marchi Herbert Spencer quotes

This week’s quotes are from the beloved Maya Angelou, Diego Marchi and Herbert Spencer.
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